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the Maricopa County Assessor’s office has been neglected. Recent news about the former County Assessor’s adoption fraud scheme running on the taxpayers’ dime has shown us just how bad it is. 


🚫 Adoption fraud.

🚫 Human trafficking.

🚫 Stealing money from taxpayers.

This does not look good for Maricopa County.

Paul petersen please guilty

This is why Maricopa County needs fresh leadership from a competent, skilled, and committed Assessor. That person is Aaron Connor. 




These are Aaron’s commitments to Maricopa County if he is elected.

“75% of your property taxes directly impact school funding. Now more than ever we need competent leadership in the Maricopa County Assessors office to ensure we have fairness and accuracy for all taxpayers.”

-Aaron Connor, Candidate for Maricopa County Assessor

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