I wanted to share some context about the current Maricopa County Assessor, and what I can bring to the office if elected.

Current Assessor Eddie Cook: Was slow to act on COVID-19 in allowing employees to work remotely.
Me: Will always put the health and saftey of employees first.

Current Assessor Eddie Cook: Has not taken every available effort to help taxpayers during this economic crisis.
Me: Would have extended the filing deadline, and expanded existing relief programs for taxpayers in need.

Current Assessor Eddie Cook: No real estate or mortgage experience.
Me: 26 years in IT, with 16 years of that in the mortgage industry. 

Current Assessor Eddie Cook: Appointed a deputy assessor with no real estate experience.
Me: Will appoint a well qualified deputy with a depth of background in the industry.

I hope you can see the reasons why Maricopa County needs a new Assessor and will support my campaign as we raise awareness about this race.